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Sam Miller- Paradise Fears
Overnight Tour
Minneapolis, MN


Sam Miller- Paradise Fears

Overnight Tour

Minneapolis, MN



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Paradise Fears: Battle Scars Review

      Paradise Fears released their newest album that goes under the title of, “Battle Scars “. These Vermillion natives have certainly grown since they’re previous release of, “Yours Truly “. The band carries a new sound that could place them as a contender to co-exist with successful artists in different genres. On the release date the band climbed all the way up ITunes’ alternative charts and reached the number two spot; getting higher than legendary bands such as Fall Out Boy.  Welcome to the Battle Scars Era, as its magnitude will not go unnoticed. 

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The Vantage: Summer EP

The Vantage, and upcoming band from Austin, released their debut album titled Summer EP; on May 28th. James Mason and Jackson Wise started to create buzz within the music scene when releasing their first single, On My Way. The amount of fans began to increase rapidly after their South by South West showcase. This factor leads to the highly anticipated release. The tracks collectively show that this album was well invested into by the clean production, intelligent lyrics, and efficient instrumentals. 

Changes wonderfully opens the album. It has a style that reminds me of great alternative bands such as Go Radio. The lyrics carry these great self-adaptation qualities that you can see throughout the entire album. The tune leaves me personally reevaluating which says a lot about the talent present. This talent carries into On My Way, which takes on the title as my favorite tune in the entire collection. Its anthemic qualities  match up seamlessly with the chanting in the chorus and powerful instrumentals. It’s truly uplifting as a whole and I can see it getting its well earned recognition among listeners. 
Something in the Air shows off the band’s ability to create feel-good tunes with substance. The substance is achieved with an abundance of imagery. I can see it being a great summer hit. Chasing After You shows a sophisticated side of The Vantage. The instrumentals set the stage for the emotions brought out by the lyrics and are simple enough to allow the thought provoking message to shine. There’s also a guitar solo towards the end which is a pleasant surprise to showcase those abilities. 

From the Start validates the beauty in simplicity. The track executes signs of pure honesty. It’s short and sweet in the best way. City I’m Dreaming Of leaves me with a perfect ending to an amazing album. Its upbeat characteristic will leave listeners with nothing but good feelings. I think the ideas associated with the lyrics are a fresh take on an old theme. Those abilities will ensure that The Vantage becomes a name that sticks with people. 

Overall, The Summer EP is what I would label as a must-buy. Each song can appeal to various kinds of listeners. You’ll want to keep these guys on your radar, because I can only suspect great things for the future. 

Reviewed By Alexis Soloman

Summer EP Tracklist:
1. Changes
2. On My Way
3. Something In The Air
4. Chasing After You
5. From The Start
6. City I’m Dreaming Of

Fourth & Coast: Feels Like Summer


Recently, Fourth & Coast released their sophomore album titled Feels Like Summer. The album was funded by their fans from an extremely successful Kickstarter. The band makes a slight departure from their previous style by touching base on more pop influences.  

The collection of songs are kicked off with, Ain’t Got a Care In The World. It’s a very care-free track accompanied with fast pace verses and sing along choruses. At times it’s hard to keep up with the vocal tempo, although the instrumentals are really what make the song. Next up is Hopeful Romantic,a song featured on their previous EP. It was a smart move to carry this one over considering it was the most popular song out of their previous releases. This technique is often used after musicians have a sudden growth, but wants to show off work that the newer fans may not have discovered. It fits in perfectly with the other tracks since is carries the same catchy, pop elements. 

The summer vibe continues onward with, Tonight’s The Night. The band exercised the use of repetition and the stretching of words within the chorus. This song sticks out as a perfect contender for live performances. Stephens mastering of the speaking portion is quite impressive. He manages to keep the flow of the entire song going, instead of making it feel out of place. We Were in Love is the one track that strays from envisions of happiness that remainder of the album holds. Although, it still keeps up with the theme of upbeat instrumentals. 

Listeners will end the album with, Feels Like Summer, the title track. It embodies those emotions that Fourth & Coast aimed for when putting together these songs. It has an anthemic flare which I think every album should contain in at least one song. The percussion is what aids those feelings of invincibility. The chorus chanting throughout the song also creates strong points. 

Feels Like Summer will give listeners songs to add in their summer playlists. This collection keeps the hype going until the end. Fourth & Coast certainly did not put their fundraiser earnings to waste when making this album. There’s a clear growth musically with each one of the members. They’ve earned their spot as a clear contender for major success within the pop music scene 

Cloud Gavin Interview

We recently caught up with Zach from Cloud Gavin to talk about their music and their recent tour.

Can you tell us who you are and what you do in the band?
I’m Zach. I play guitar and do vocals.

Zach Hudson - Guitar/Vocals
Nick Gwinn - Drums 
Michael Brooks - Guitar/Vocals
Taylor Kincaid - Bass 
Is there a story behind the name of the band?
Cloud Gavin is just a very translative name. Gavin is translated in a distance earlier name, Gwalchgwn, meaning White Hawk in Welsh and some forms of Latin.  Cloud is determining an elevation point, kind of like ire, but metaphorically. Hawk in dreams mean freedom and the color of the animal or object usually defined it’s ora or core. in this case, white, would be pure. it’s really just a way to metaphorically say the highest and purest form of a free mind.
How did you guys get into music?
I remember one of my first real local concerts I was going to go to was The Junior Varsity, they were showing a flier for their show on Channel One, which is kind of the schools news.  I really liked the song they were promoting, “Get Comfortable” and from then, I’ve been going to a lot of local shows in my high school career.  That kind of distinguished the music I am into now, though, I have a large variety of choice.
Being that you are a smaller band what do you think sets you apart?
I think that we are really intimate with a live show and can connect with you, even if you aren’t typically into our “genre”.  We love meeting people on the road, and love experiencing everything, good or bad.  As for our record, I don’t think it’s something you hear everyday.  Sure, there are bands that sound like us, but we aren’t claiming to create a genre for ourselves.  We play music we enjoy playing, and as we grow as a band and as people, the music will change. It’s honest.  I think that’s what people appreciate the most in music, at least, I do.
You recently did a spring tour how was that?
It was phenomenal, besides trailer problems right at the end.  I’d say about 90% of the shows were a grand time.  Everyone responded well almost all the time.  We definitely appreciated everyone that let us stay at their place, came to a show, bought a record, etc.  We definitely saw a lot of the midwestern and eastern side of the country, nature and historical sites.  We love getting to see the local side of places. It was a blast but it went by so fast.
What was your favorite part of the tour? Any crazy stories? 
We’ll leave the tour stories for later. ;)
When you’re on the road what are some of the most played songs on your drives?
It’s really hard to choose.  We kind of scanned our whole iPod libraries.  My favorite night-time driving album would be Narrowing Type by Good Night and Good Morning.
What three words would you use to describe the band and your music?
Faith, family, fucks. (kind of an inside joke)
If you could perform anywhere where would it be and why?
I honestly don’t have a desired place to play.  Australia would be pretty cool.
For people who have never heard of your music what is the first song they should listen to?
It’s hard to say.  I’d say Posture, because that’s the imagine I want for the band.  We have written things that we are moving on from.
Where can people find your music?
Bandcamp: http://cloudgavin.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cloudgavin
Itunes, Spotify, Youtube, Pretty much anywhere.
Is there anything fans can look forward to in the near future?
As in new releases from us in 2013, no.  The next release is “planned” sometime around early 2014.

'Nobody' Once Upon A Time

Nobody: Once Upon A Time

Review by Alexis Soloman
On May 28thOnce Upon A Time released their newest singled called Nobody. This song immediately takes me back to the nostalgia associated with old Yellowcard hits. A strong alternative influence is present that pushes the band’s career to where they want to be in the music scene. There’s a major growth from their previous work, especially vocal wise. Andrew Long has finally hit his sweet spot within his tone. The lyrics do their duties by painting a clear scenario in my mind. I’m also fond of the wordplay associated with plot line; it helps the track maintain it’s uniqueness.  As far as production goes, the balance is definitely there. Neither one is fighting to overpower the other, which can sometimes be a dilemma among bands. It’s not a mistake that Once Upon A Time was placed on Alternative Press’s, “Bands You Need To Know”.  Don’t forget to be on the lookout for the new album that’s currently being finished! 

The Vantage Interview

We caught up with the guys of the up and coming band The Vantage from Austin, TX.

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Be sure to check out their new Summer EP out May 28th.

Who are the members of your band?
James Mason – Vocals
Jackson Wise – Vocals, Guitar
We’ve been recording with Nash Breen previously of the band Armor For Sleep on drums, however, here in Texas we’re presently working with some local talent. 
Derek Fortner on the drums
Chase Graph on Bass
Is there a story behind how the band got the name The Vantage?
Jackson: I was working in a restaurant in Richmond, VA at the time and was on the phone with James discussing potential band names. We were just spitting out random ones. I looked around and saw a produce box with “Advantage Produce” on the side. I said “how about The Vantage.” We both kind of thought it was cool, but moved on with brainstorming. About a month later when we were about to head into the studio we agreed that was a good representation of the music we were making. 
How did you get into music?
Jackson: I had a group of friends in 6th grade who were all learning to play various instruments. One had the drums, and the other had guitar, so I stepped up to the plate and decided to learn bass. About two years later I realized my hands were too small to play it well and moved over to the guitar haha. From there it just stuck through learning my favorite songs, and eventually beginning to write my own songs. 
James: I saw a blink 182 music video and was drawn to the bass guitar. I learned how to play the summer before my freshman year in high school. A few months after school started around Nov. of 2000 I would play music in the hall with new friends before and after school. I learned how to write songs from my friend and bandmate Chris Hall for about 7 years before I started putting together my own bands.    
How would you describe your sound?
Pop rock with flavors of dark and sunny.
What are three words to describe each member of the band?
James: We are both Critical balanced thinkers
Jackson: What he said, but with a dash of crazy mixed in
Who are your biggest musical inspirations/influences?
Kurt Cobain, Steven Jenkins, Freddie Mercury, Bert McCracken, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Jimmy Eat World, Michael Jackson, and the list goes on!
If you could play any concert venue, where would you play and why?
James: Hollywood Bowl because if you’re playing there it probably means you’re playing anywhere. It’s an amazing venue. They built it like a concert hall ought to be built. 
Jackson: I’d love to play Red Rock one day!
What do you think sets you apart from other bands?
James: I think we care a little more about the esthetic…how the words and flow are put together to deliver a not so literal and not so obvious message.. I think a good amount of artists out there tend to settle on their lyrics whereas they could be reaching for something a bit more exciting for listeners, something with lasting quality.   We aren’t saying we are the end all be all lyricists, however, we do take our writing very seriously. 
Jackson: This is something that every band should be paying a lot of attention to; what makes them different from everyone else? When we decided to make this project a real thing and brand it as The Vantage we did not have any limitations. It was a clean slate and there was no preconceived idea of what it should be. What kind of sound we should have. That allowed us to let the ideas flow freely and I believe that shows through the songs. We have many different influences in multiple genres of music. Granted most of them come back to popular rock n roll, but I think that as we continue to put out music it will be refreshing for listeners to see a band that dips in to multiple genres. 
This Summer EP is just a taste of what’s to come. The songs are meant for spring and summer. We purposely left out some material that we felt would not vibe well with the feeling of the summer months. So to sum it up, we are different from other bands because we take the time to think about the little things. 
You have an EP that you’re releasing soon, what do you hope people get out of the new music?
James: We hope people can get a good look into our musical hearts if you will. Poke around and hopefully find something they’ve been longing to hear. We hope that it’s something people come back to.  
Where can people find your music?
We are currently giving away our single “On My Way” for free through our SoundCloud and Facebook page (www.soundcloud.com/thevantageband and                                                                                    www.facebook.com/thevantageband

Both of those platforms are good ways to listen to our music in the future. On Tuesday, May 28th we’ll be releasing the Summer EP  and it will be available on basically every streaming/download platform out there (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Rdio, Muve, Xbox Live, IHeartRadio, Deezer, ect…) There are so many of those out there these days it’s hard to keep track, but we should be there!
Are there any shows you have planned for the near future?
Absolutely! Right now we are rehearsing with our band here in Austin. We have nothing on the books at this current moment, but will be booking some shows around the Texas triangle in the coming months(Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio) I guess it’s more of a rhombus.  We probably will not be hitting the road until September of this year, as right now we are preparing to shoot a video for our single “On My Way” and are gearing up to finish our full-length album later this summer. 

When we do put something on the books in the near future, we’ll be posting dates on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/thevantageband) and probably tweeting about them a good deal as well (www.twitter.com/thevantageband )
Do you have any hidden talents?
James: I used to dig giant holes in the beach when I was a kid. I’m ranked in the 96 percentile in all K1 speed indoor kart racing. 
Jackson: Wow that’s hard to top…I guess I can make a lot of voices or accents? I used to be able to pop a sweet kickflip back in the day… I can skip a stone really well! 
If you woke up one morning as a girl what would you do?
James: I would probably feel around and be quite shocked that my penis was no longer attached to me. I would hope that my girl self is attractive. I’d like to think if I was a girl that I would be a hottie. Not cute but hot. I would hope my boobs weren’t funny looking. I would hope I had long flowing hair. I would try to multi task and see if it’s any easier. I would try to see if I was emotionally affected by things that i wasn’t affected by as a man. Like crying at movies etc.. I would go shopping. I would test my thresholds for pain. I would take shots and see how long it took me to get wasted. I would start diets and quit them.     
Jackson: Yup.
Describe your life in a song.
James: pain pain happy! pain pain happy! bullshit pain bullshit happy pain! Happy happy happy pain! 
Anything else you want people to know?
James: I have three false teeth. I’m half English, I’m interested in complex individuals: drug addicts, serial killers, people who murder out of passion. I like the news but I hate the news. I have strong opinions on gun violence and gun laws.. I have a strong opinion about the death penalty. I don’t agree with killing living things or people. Also interested in watersports: Scuba, sailing, etc.. I like watching people who can skateboard well.  I also like Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.  

Also, we have a lot more in store for everyone in terms of The Vantage. The Summer EP will be out May 28th and we’ll have a video for “On My Way” out shortly after. You can expect to see/hear a lot more material by late 2013 or early 2014. We’re going to be pretty busy for the remainder of the year. Exciting times indeed!

If people would like to follow us socially they can do so on these sites:


I think that sums it up. Thank you for the interview!

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Brian Dales || The Summer Set
Minneapolis, MN
Varsity Theater
Wake Up and Be Awesome Tour
Photo by: Lealah Abraham
For more pictures from WUABA of Paradise Fears, The Summer Set, and Go Radio follow us here or visit Hit It Off Media!

Brian Dales || The Summer Set

Minneapolis, MN


Varsity Theater

Wake Up and Be Awesome Tour

Photo by: Lealah Abraham

For more pictures from WUABA of Paradise Fears, The Summer Set, and Go Radio follow us here or visit Hit It Off Media!